3D printing is flying

SlidX, new company selling a Gyro-X8 using drones' technology and the delta wing for professional use, the KAYRYS, used 3D printing to create a part of the KAYRYS' prototype. It's a trending technology these years. 3D printing, additive manufacturing material now building functional parts, has significant benefits for the technological conception. SlidX decided to use this [...]

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KAYRYS, first intervener in emergencies

A unique Gyro-X8* designed in North America embarks on the international market - MONTREAL, Thursday, August, 18, 2016. – A Gyro-X for medical assistance with a large carrying capacity for major missions is born. The KAYRYS was imagined and designed by SlidX, a young company made in Canada. Today, the KAYRYS sees the international unveiling [...]

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The first tests of the KAYRYS took place on the 11th Thursday of August 2016 in the Laurentides. The developer of "Versants Village", mister Gerald Sauriol, had shared his incredible field with an overlooking view of Chapleau lake. Hopefully, the meteorological conditions was amazing above the Minerve village. SlidX knows how to create solid relationships with [...]

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