SlidX, new company selling a Gyro-X8 using drones’ technology and the delta wing for professional use, the KAYRYS, used 3D printing to create a part of the KAYRYS’ prototype.

It’s a trending technology these years. 3D printing, additive manufacturing material now building functional parts, has significant benefits for the technological conception.

SlidX decided to use this solution. Thanks to our partner in Montreal, Lézar3d, the 150 pieces of the prototype’s front part  has been printed in less of 20 days. This technology can carry an entire system of the KAYRYS’ aerodynamic and stealthy cover. That’s 60% of the vehicule which has been achieved with 4 printers.

« It’s easier to replace defective parts. Because of all the test we have to do, when one of them is broken, it’s easier and less long to re-print this piece only. The cost for a prototype can be divided by 3 thanks to this technology » explain one of the KAYRYS’ designer, Gary Chorostecki.

Furthermore of the time saving, 3D printing allows a new solution very effective and important for the company : carbon footprint. Every piece is printed with PLA, organic plastic from corn starch. The vehicule is fully electric and it’s consistent with our environmental commitments.

It’s a great step in advanced designing a engine of this size, the rest of it is composed of Carbon composite, a lightweight and stable material.

To find our partner Lezar3d :