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Slidx.inc develops a professional Gyro-X8 or UAV and aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).

Our vision

SlidX is a north american company created in 2015 to industrialize innovating technologies to answer nowadays’ problems.

We work on the conception, the development and the production of UAVs (Unmaned Aerial Vehicle) with vertical take-off and landing system for professionals.

Our product, the KAYRYS, can answer various needs in emergency transport, logistic delivering and data gathering. Protection, rescue , monitoring, control, tourism, mapping, research, support on oil platforms, equipment or resource transport , you name it! These social and economic issues need a more adapted solution, like the KAYRYS, which is also more ecological and more efficient.

« SlidX.inc wants to bring technological advances to business actors with an ecological transport solution. »

Our social and ecological commitments

Our company is commited to repay to different humanitary and environmental charities by donating funds with an artistic interest. SlidX believes in giving support and help to people in need. By doing this, we also support the artistic touch of  many artists all around the world. We want to enable intercutural exchange, without profits.

We also want to limit our carbon production. We’re using recycled wood for our office and installations, we also promote shared economy by reusing materials (desks, chairs, paper, carpooling …). We want to optimize the environmental impacts of our products and activities.


SlidX’s project couldn’t have existed without the management team. Inventors and visionnary people whom have been able to project themselves into the future, beyond science fiction. We want to bring durable solutions, answering companies’ issues in every sector.

Our partners & Suppliers