After the release of its larger model, the quadricopter KAYRYS, the North American start-up unveils a smaller and stealth version intended mainly for safety and monitoring.

The team of Slidx developed the Black Manta, a furtive drone which is now available for sale. It adapts perfectly to the problems of civil or defense security with tactical laser sight, motion detector, spotlight, thermal and night vision, as well as a mapping tool for sectors such as agriculture or mining.

This UAV weights less than 5lbs, can fly day and night and perform autonomously and programmable missions with real-time video feedback. It can perform missions such as, protection of sensitive sites (nuclear power stations), fast intervention for counter-terrorism or tactical support.

Finally, the Man/Machine interface already present on the KAYRYS will be kept on the Black Manta. An interactive screen is directly installed on the vehicle to allow live communication.