A unique Gyro-X8* designed in North America embarks on the international market –

MONTREAL, Thursday, August, 18, 2016. – A Gyro-X for medical assistance with a large carrying capacity for major missions is born. The KAYRYS was imagined and designed by SlidX, a young company made in Canada. Today, the KAYRYS sees the international unveiling of its remarkable capabilities.

The KAYRYS in brief:

– It has a battery life of one hour with a maximum load of 12 kg;

– 2,65 meter wingspan

– It represents an innovative solution for the transport and data collection as well as for medical emergencies;

– It provides crucial assistance to medical experts for acting quickly and effectively to combat a formidable enemy in these situations: THE TIME;

– Ergonomic, aerodynamic, flexible, KAYRYS is able to avoid obstacles appearing before him;

– Over 60% of the KAYRYS is achieved through a 3D printer and with the collaboration of the company LEZAR3D in Montréal;

– The KAYRYS will be offered to the sale from the fourth quarter 2016

When the Gyro-X8 arrives in the scene of accident, it allows a direct contact between the competent services and the zone affected thanks to a connected interface present on the vehicle. So, in spite of the distance, professionals’ know-how is provided to the victims. The transport box, as for it, is embarked on the KAYRYS and brings the equipment needed directly on the spot. Thus the KAYRYS is particularly useful in the road accidents, the fires and the situations of search and rescue.

« We want to bring innovative solutions and answer to the new societal stakes of the XXIst century. By wishing to guarantee efficient solutions to the current environmental problems, our team developed a flexible drone, the KAYRYS, useful in the emergency medical care, for the transportation of goods and for the collection of data. » James Desauvage, cofounder of the company SlidX.Inc.

About SlidX

SlidX was fouded in 2015 and is carried by James Desauvage, Jérome Le Dall, Xavier Paillat and Gary Cho. The company develops and product professionals Gyro-X – UAV and aircrafts with take-off and vertical landings – by using the modern and complete technologies. From its understanding of the market’s needs to full evolution, SlidX develops innovative incremental technologies and looks for the highest level of efficiency.

* A vertical take-off and landing Aircraft (VTOL) which comes from the technology of drones and delta wing, the KAYRYS

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Slidx.Inc, a North American company founded in January 2015, develops and produces drones using modern and comprehensive technologies for which the company provides the highest level of support. Our future production center located in Québec will become a benchmark for the industry in terms of quality and efficiency. Our employees maintain the pioneering spirit that will enable SlidX to take the lead on the drone market.

The company aims to help shape the future of air transport and to promote sustainable business growth worldwide. With its understanding of the needs of a changing market, SlidX.Inc develops innovative technologies and aims for the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.

SlidX.Inc now offers an innovative modular drone called « Kayrys » which brings many different solutions to global issues. It is thanks to developments in terms of transported weight capacity and above all direct action on the ground that the KAYRYS will stand out from the competition. It will be able to provide answers to multiple environmental, logistical but also medical problems.

SlidX and its team are very proud to unveil its technological advances.

« The idea is to create trends, not revolutions »