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KAYRYS, Gyro-X8* using drone technology and delta wing for professional use

SlidX developed a Gyro-X8 using drone technology and delta wing for professional use. KAYRYS has technological specificities which enable emergency and logistic transport on a larger range of action to reach isolated areas.

*A vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL) borrowed from drone technology and delta wing, the KAYRYS

All these specifications (payload, range of action & motorisation) concern the KAYRYS-L, large model within a complete range of KAYRYS


Larger range of action

The drone’s cover enables it to fly longer within constraints and then being enable to travel great distances in low energy.


Greater payload

KAYRYS is able to carry up to 60kg /132 lbs in its transport’s case, this is a rare performance on this market.


Adapted solution

Our product can be personnalized according to the needs of the client, in a technological and designed way (KAYRYS range)


High speed

Our Gyro-X8 can fly up to intervene quickly and effectively on daily emergency situations


Data gathering

KAYRYS can be equipped with numerous captors abled to record environmental datas of the area


Autonomous missions

With adapted permission and softwares, KAYRYS can perform scheduled courses

What use ?

Logistic & Transports
Interface Human / Machine
Data Exploitation & Sharing
Signaling – Prevention

What is the legal status ?

The different legislations are seriously considering to use flying vehicules for delivery services. These laws are in constant evolution and the biggest compagnies are working with the competent authorities to regulate the market.

How much and what guarantees ?

KAYRYS is intented for companies that want to increase their performance. We want to allow companies, private & public, to be more efficients on the field.

All the guarantees about our product are in the terms & conditions

What are the risks ?

Transportation by gyros or drones are increasing in a few countries. Our product is developed by a qualified professional expert and every KAYRYS sold has been tested between 2 and 5 hours in flying conditions.

We base our expertise on the aeronautics norms.